Saturday, June 30, 2007

No excuse for Imus

A National Women's Editorial Forum podcast commentary: New Jersey NOW President Maretta J. Short takes on the false analogy between Imus's actions and those of rappers.


Anonymous said...

Great post and to the point. More people should be exposed to this logical explanation of why Imus deserved to be fired.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Now President Maretta J.Short.., Thank you for your passionate understanding of the constant affront to women of Nubian origin especially and women in general by men who originated it, raised and trained it. This issue is paramount to the understanding of womens true powerful stature in the world community and the release thereof. Your voice cool, refreshing and with reason, tells of how many remain misled and rings true of how many more that that are awake and I thank you and N.O.W. Editorial Forum for your defining statements.
Sincerely, T'challah

Toni Van Pelt said...

Maretta hit the nail on the head all the way through her commentary. It is a message that should be carried in the mainstream media. Thanks to Maretta for speaking out truth to power.

Anonymous said...

Maretta, Thank you for explaining why Imus deserved to be fired - Even he should be able to understand the explanation you clearly gave. As written by Jennifer Pozner of Women in Media and News and I agree with her "I think it is important for TV news debates about Imus to feature African American women’s voices, since the whole controversy surrounding the radio host involved his racist and sexist comments about Black women."

I dare FOX News or any of the big three networks to have you on to debate the potential come back of Imus to public TV. Probably not in our life time, perhaps one of the big three- ABC, CBS or NBC - but regarding FOX They are what they are and they would never have a strong woman like yourself on to debate.

It would freak them out to be face to face with you and try to defend Imus' words.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more from Ms. Short regarding other pertinent issues regarding race and gender. The explaination of why Imus was fired makes a lot of sense. It's just that the situation took us all by surprise and we just didn't have much to say but "Down with Imus." Now I know why I felt the way I did. I just didn't have the words to justify my feelings and Ms. Maretta set it off for me.

Thanks Ms. Maretta