Thursday, May 08, 2008

Unfinished Business on Women's Issues

By Polly Williams

With the General Assembly about to start its “short session” – it is important to remind the legislature of its unfinished business on issues of women’s equality.

North Carolina Women United’s recently released report card on the 2007 legislature is a good assessment of what was accomplished in 2007 – and a blueprint for what needs to happen on some issues in the upcoming session.

While the report focuses on women, the truth is that many of these measures benefit men as well. What is good for women and families also benefits everybody.

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Nancy Gruver said...

"What is good for women and families also benefits everybody" - Absolutely! Thanks for bringing into focus issues that are important but often not in the public mind.

I'd love to connect more with you and find out ways that our work could benefit each other...and let me know when you start publishing an RSS feed, because I'd love to subscribe to it! (If you have one and I missed it, that would be great news! Just let me know.)

All best,
Nancy Gruver, founder and CEO, New Moon
blogging at Girl Media Maven