Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not All Issues Are Colored In Pink

Ruth Marcus’ column in today’s Washington Post epitomizes the need for efforts such as those undertaken by the National Women’s Editorial Forum. Women as a whole really lose out when there aren’t female voices in the editorial pages…or on the campaign trail.

Marcus’ column is on Hilary Clinton, Pretty Formidable in Pink, but I think her take on even writing about candidate Clinton speaks to why sometimes a dearth of women’s editorial voices means that if there’s only one woman on an editorial board it can mean, by default, you get to write the “women issues” while men get to write about everything else.


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Lisa Kays said...

A) But really, were Hillary a man, would Edwards ever have turned to her and said, "Well, I'm just not sure about that tie?" No. He would have looked like a shallow, small-minded bully. Yet somehow less so when poking fun at a female U.S. Senator. Odd.

B) I couldn't agree more about the importance of us, whatever the outcome, using Hillary's candidacy as an opportunity--as a nation, as individuals, and as media consumers and producers--to really make ourselves aware of how we're treating, thinking and talking about her--and to acknowledge that this is a reflection in most cases of the degree to which we're truly comfortable with women's leadership.